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i was nominated by hide-your-feathers

i volunteer the following 220 as tribute:

anya-ilkow mid0lprincess buckingham-malice goldentruth9 canwriteitbetterthanueverfeltit mariamystar missmarlabee junesongisgey savage-remnants aurumnoxvox standinginthesunlight-laughing mentalalchemy beautiful-flower12 in-oceans-wake erikakilgannon pokemontrainergrey capnsloth emily-poops sikklysweet fyeahkyotoanimation

1) Otter

2) Hazel

3) Brown

4)I am a type 1 diabetic

5) black+forest green

6) the woods or a renaissance faire

7) i dont really have one

8) real: wolf/dog fictional: phoenix

9) the crowing by coheed and cambria, or crawl by breaking benjamin

10) watchers by dean koontz

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